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6 September 2012
Honolulu, Hawaii

Cyber:50 is a community initiative encouraging families, and businesses to collaborate for a cyber safe Hawaii

Referentia Systems Incorporated today announced the creation of Cyber:50 (pronounced cyber five-oh) which will be the first Hawaii focused cybersecurity website ( offering information on cyber attack prevention, malware, threat detection, and other related topics plus the most current news associated with computer network infrastructures. Cyber attacks and identity theft cases are increasing. Cyber attacks take place on cell phones, home and business computers. Valuable financial information and intellecutal property are stolen and sometimes the phones and computers are used as intermediary devices to aid in a more strategic calculated attack. reports in 2012 so far there have been 272 cyber crimes affecting 18.5 million people. Cyber attacks can disrupt our everyday lives by attacking critical infrastructures including government, energy, water, healthcare, financial, telecommunication, and transportation infrastructures.
The Cyber:50 Website was created by a group of information technology enthusiasts and is sponsored by Referentia Systems which is also leading the Cyber:50 education lecture series for critical infrastructure professionals. "LifeCycle of Threat Response" is the first Cyber:50 lecture being held on September 12th. Referentia's cyber defense software and technology is currently used by U. S. Government agencies, utility companies, and other critical infrastructure customers. Honolulu-based Referentia Systems is a leader of advanced cybersecurity solutions and recently won the national Defense Energy Challenge Award during the 2012 Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit and Expo.
"In today's world, security professionals continue to lose ground against cyber attacks, " said Paola Saibene, Chief Technology Officer, Hawaii State Public Library System. "The right intelligence through collaboration, education and sharing of information are all critical components to successfully protecting an organization's network. I am grateful that the Cyber:50 initiative can assist in getting us where we need to be."
"We want to share our expertise and encourage our community leaders in business, academia and government to utilize the Cyber:50 website and the Hawaii Cyber Collaboration Center, " said Anthony Giandomenico, Director of Solutions Marketing, Referentia Systems. "Our goal is to be preventive and help people understand how to protect their network infrastructures whether it is a critical infrastructure like a hospital, bank, school or government agency to one's personal home computer. "
"LifeCycle of Threat Response" takes place September 12th at 6pm at the Hawaii Cyber Collaboration Center at Referentia Systems, located on Lagoon Drive at the Castle & Cooke Aviation building. Each lecture will feature a guest speaker and tackle important issues facing the industry covering various sectors like finance, health care, transportation, utilities, academia, etc. Cyber:50 lectures will be a place for professionals to also discuss real life security breaches like the LinkedIn hacking incident in June. Anthony Giandmenico will host "LifeCycle of Threat Response. " Information technology and related field professionals interested in attending the lecture should register online at You must be registered in order to attend the session.

About Cyber:50's First Guest Speaker – Anthony Giandomenico

Anthony Giandomenico serves as the Director of Solutions Marketing for Referentia Systems. Giandomenico is responsible for creating customer solutions utilizing Referentia's proprietary smart grid and cybersecurity technologies. Giandomenico previously served as the Director of Managed Services at Hawaiian Telcom. Prior to joining Hawaiian Telcom, Giandomenico was the President and Chief Technology Officer of Secure DNA. A multi-certified engineer trained by the U.S. Marine Corps, Giandomenico's experience includes secure network systems development comprising of intrusion detection, firewall technologies, incident response procedures, security assessments, and technology integration.

About Referentia

Referentia Systems Incorporated is a leading provider of mission-assured cybersecurity technologies and solutions for the federal government, the Department of Defense (DoD) and other critical infrastructure. Referentia is a software innovation company dedicated to providing proven high assurance and flexible solutions to address critical cybersecurity concerns threatening modern IT environments. Referentia's CyberWalls enclave strategy provides proven and effective protection, detection and response solutions against advanced threats. The company has received numerous awards for its innovative software solutions and has a CMMI Level 3 certification.
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