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16 December 2009
Honolulu, Hawaii

Referentia Systems Incorporated, a leader in cyber security and network enterprise solutions for the Department of Defense (DoD), announced the release of LiveAction 1.8 software. The 1.8 software release launched by Referentia's spin-off, ActionPacked! Networks, enables visually based, control and configuration of networks and network devices.

"With its many new enhancements, LiveAction Version 1.8 is the most significant software to date that can accelerate and streamline network engineering workflows and troubleshooting," said Referentia President and CEO Nelson Kanemoto,. "For example, we have now expanded our monitoring capabilities to include routers that use sFlow and Juniper Networks J-Flow. This integrates both Cisco and non-Cisco devices into LiveAction's interactive topology views for deeper understanding and faster troubleshooting of these devices."

With the new software release, the company also revamped its popular flow tracking and analysis capabilities to include more advanced data filtering and reporting and increased the detail and scalability of its long term historical capture and playback. Other enhancements include instant "point-and-click" filtering of flows and creation of access control lists (ACLs), auto-discovery and assessment of new network devices, a complete set of Cisco IP SLA tests, on-line web-based reporting, and full hop-by-hop routing path tracking with topology visualizations and analysis.

"Like earlier versions, all of these new features automatically and continuously correlate with each other to provide a single unified and highly efficient environment for IT engineers. This all-in-one approach accelerates network design, configuration and troubleshooting dramatically and greatly enhances the engineer's awareness and understanding of the network," Kanemoto said.

LiveAction software, which operates on a standard Windows PC or server, creates a highly accurate, real-time visual model of the network that IT engineers can use to monitor and control QoS, network flows, routing, and IP SLA. The software's intelligent knowledgebase provides a high level of visibility and awareness of what is happening inside the network and ensures that configuration changes made using LiveAction are correct before deploying them to the routers.

A free 14-day trial version of LiveAction 1.8 can be downloaded from the ActionPacked! web site. Permanent licenses and upgrades to earlier versions are also available now from ActionPacked! Networks and all authorized ActionPacked! resellers.

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Referentia Systems Incorporated is a software developer of innovative cyber security and network enterprise solutions for the Department of Defense. Headquartered in Hawaii, Referentia is a provider of command and control applications, advanced technology solutions and information technology services. Referentia has a proven and growing track record of developing relevant innovation in interoperability communications, cross-domain solutions and architectures, and advanced network management systems.

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ActionPacked! Networks develops expert software that provides IT engineers with an all-in-one approach to designing, analyzing, configuring, and troubleshooting networks. The company's LiveAction software enhances true understanding and control of the network by combining rich visualizations of the network topology, devices, interfaces, flows, and routes with expert rules-based configuration and editing. For more information, visit


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