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Cyber Collaboration Center
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“America’s future is linked to the future of the Asia Pacific region,
and the future of this region depends on America,”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, January 2010

With its strong U.S. military presence and isolation, Hawaii is strategically located to lead in cyber security as a gateway to communications between the Asia Pacific region and Western United States.

Responding to current and evolving cybersecurity challenges, Referentia Systems opened its new Cyber Collaboration Center (CCC) in Honolulu Hawaii in 2011. The 25,000-square foot facility was established to enable security experts from government, academia and industry to collaborate on critical cybersecurity concerns threatening our nation’s networks and IT modernization.

The CCC serves as an operational testbed for the Department of Defense, alternative energy, the smart grid and utilities. The Center’s initiatives include developing effective solutions for cybersecurity, interoperability operations and critical infrastructure and innovations based on critical gaps from the operational community. Staffed by cybersecurity experts, computer scientists, programmers and network engineers, the CCC offers a dynamic open-space work environment that encourages collaborative research across disciplines. Teams work on building block technologies used to construct highly adaptive architectures and advanced cybersecurity solutions for seamless and secure interoperability, secure agile virtual enclaves and network infrastructure command and control.

In the community, the CCC serves as a gathering place for educators, students and industry mentors to advance interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in our schools and help ensure a well-trained and economically competitive workforce in Hawaii and foster the next generation of national security professionals.