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Referentia Penetration Testing Services

 Real-World Insight into the Vulnerabilities that Exists in Your Organization

Penetration testing helps measure the effectiveness of an organization’s security practice by emulating real-world attacks. Whether the need is to meet compliance requirements such as, FISMA, PCI, HIPAA, GLBA/SOX, NCUA, NERC/FERC, or to ensure the strongest security posture, Referentia Penetration Testing Services can help. 

Referentia Penetration Testing Services help customers acquire an accurate understanding of their organization’s current security gaps that are opened and vulnerable for real attackers to exploit.  Using real-world attack methods to identify and exploit vulnerabilities that lie within an organization, Referentia’s penetration testers reveal to customers how they are truly postured against real-world scenarios and the implications these risks can cause.  We work with you to define security defenses to be tested and align testing with your key organization objectives. Penetration techniques and tools are tailored to each specific customer environment and goals.  Referentia Penetration Testing Services provide:

  • External and Internal Network Penetration Test
  • Wireless Penetration Test
  • Web Application Penetration Test
  • Social Engineering/Client-Side Penetration Testing

Benefits include:

Expert security professionals with experiences that extend across many industries; specifically in highly secured government defense agencies. Our security experts stay current on the latest compliance requirements, evolving persistent threats and vulnerabilities in complex infrastructures through Referentia’s state of the art collaboration center—with security leaders in academia, government and private sector.

Time tested, thorough methodologies utilizing proprietary technology.   Referentia provide customized cost-effective solutions that meet client specific requirements.

Comprehensive independent reporting with real-world security incidents to help quantify the impact to a business, agency or critical infrastructure.  Our reports show the true risks of an organization’s infrastructure and the implications of those risks in an easy to understand format for communicating to key stakeholders. The reports and analysis delivered to the customer will assist in the creation of a stronger security posture.

Detailed roadmap for risk mitigation is included to help guide customers through the remediation process.   Remediation recommendations are evaluated for optimal effectiveness and the highest return on investment.