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Referentia Security Consulting Services for FISMA/NIST Compliance

Referentia’s experience, tools, templates and processes ensure efficiency and low risk in meeting your comprehensive security compliance needs.

The Federal government and companies across critical industries—from financial services and higher education institutions that administer federally funded loans to health care, technology and energy companies that receive grants—must implement FISMA/NIST based security controls and demonstrate their compliance or risk losing federal funding.  However, many organizations do not have the time, complex security knowledge, or the skilled resources to efficiently plan, implement, assess and continuously monitor evolving risks for implementing and maintaining FISMA/NIST compliance. 

FISMA/NIST compliance does not have to derail your project schedule.  Whether the data and information systems are managed in-house or by a third party, Referentia Systems’ seasoned security professionals can help prepare critical infrastructures for their compliance journey by guiding them through the elements of FISMA, provide best practice suggestions for achieving compliance, ensure timely project implementation and provide ongoing monitoring support to maintain compliance.   Referentia Security Consulting Services for FISMA/NIST Compliance can assist organizations address the entire 6-Step NIST Risk Management Framework process (System Categorization, Control Selection, Control Implementation, Control Assessment, Authorization, and Continuous Monitoring) or assist for a specific step.

Benefits Include:

Integrated Security:  Maintain your project momentum with seamless and integrated security.  We regularly plan and collaborate with our clients’ internal team as well as other vendors on their projects to ensure security requirements are met.  FISMA/NIST compliance does not have to add complexity to your project schedule or resource management.  Referentia FISMA/NIST Compliance Services offer well thought-out program management planning that support flexible integration of your security program as development schedules and timelines changes.  This ensures downtimes are kept at a minimum and the project’s critical path security milestones are met on schedule.  

Integrated Expertise:  Seasoned Security consultants with both architecture and strong compliance experience in a variety of industries including Government, Healthcare, Financial and Energy.  Our security consultants are available to be part of your team to advise and prepare for meeting the comprehensive requirements and complete the thorough documentation to confidently satisfy FISMA/NIST 3rd party security assessments.  Referentia Systems has over 15 years of experience providing security services for highly secured environments in the defense and other federal agencies.

Security Assessments:  Efficient and thorough security assessments.  Referentia’s experienced team, tools, templates and processes provide efficient and complete documentation to meet your comprehensive compliance requirements in a timely manner. Our agile compliance teams ensure timely assessments and are able to adjust to changing requirements. 

Continuous Monitoring:  Cost-effective continuous monitoring tools and services for maintaining FISMA/NIST compliance that leverages our above offerings to assure compliance and maximize return on investment.